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41 – Be Genuine to Have Presence

by Jill


  1. Try to find ways so that your body matches the things that are coming out of your mouth. Make sure that you gain consistency with a relaxed, calm nature to feel good and so the people around you feel like you’re authentic. Gave that presence with your body so that you can convince the audience you’re genuine, and the biggest audience out there you’re convincing is your own self
    1. Try deep breathing
    1. Use Powerful poses.
    1. Take up a significant amount of space.
    1. Don’t slump in the corner in the room.
    1. Don’t be stuck on your phone.
  2. Remind yourself throughout the day to have a good posture to keep your body language open. Give power poses a try. Every once in a while, when you’re in a place by yourself, do a power pose. Be expansive. Stand out there like Wonder Woman, so you feel better about what you’re doing.
  3. Don’t doubt yourself; tear yourself apart or make yourself feel anxious by analyzing everything you do, everything you say, and how you said it. Keep positive about the things you’re saying and the things you’re doing. If you find that you’re not saying them in the right way or doing them in the right way, you correct them immediately. This is not an all-or-nothing thing. Just try to keep your presence as much as you can.
  4. Remember to listen; hearing other people will help them hear you will make them feel empowered. And in fact shows your power because you’re willing to listen, hear other people and respond to them in a way that makes sense to the conversation you’re having. It is a sign that you are confident when you can listen to other people and respond to them where they’re at. They will feel heard, and they will become a true ally of yours.


  • Try the power pose. Wait till you’re in a quiet place by yourself before you have a meeting with someone that’s going to stress you out. Try doing some power poses to see if it makes you feel more empowered and capable of having this tough conversation. Then when you’re in the meeting, try maintaining the power pose by taking up more space, having your arms out wider, and generally having more eye contact and more interaction with the person and see how you feel afterward.



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