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42 – Identify Your Core to Gain Presence

by Jill


  1. Identify your true self by finding the three words that describe you. Figure out what’s unique about you and when you’re at your happiest and best performance.
  2. List what your signature strengths are and how you tend to use them. And once you have these items, identify your values. Is it religion? Is it fitness? Is it your work life, and then write a small paragraph that incorporates these together. She calls it an essay so that you can reflect on it when maybe you’re not feeling so strong about it or you need to convince yourself what you’re really passionate about.  
  3. Make sure you’re confident but not arrogant. Allow other people to tell their stories. Allow them to be themselves. That way, your power shows through without being arrogant or being a narcissist
  4. Find the things that make you feel powerful. When you feel empowered, other people will feel empowered. You will start building energy off of each other. Powerlessness prevents you from having presence and prevents you from being your authentic self.


  • We’re going to do the challenge that was mentioned before. Start the work on developing your essay about your true self, and lay the groundwork. You want to figure out when you are at your best and what makes you at your best. Find out those three best words that describe you. Find the things that are unique about you. Reflect on when you feel the best or most natural, and then list your signature strengths and how you use them. Do you use them to help other people? Do you use them to make your work better? Or do you use them to lift other people up? Those items will help you identify your values, your traits, your strengths so that you can start your essay about your authentic self.

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