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63 – Be the GOAT with Neutral Thinking

by Jill


  • Neutral Thinking is the Key – Thinking with emotion lies to us all the time. It tells us we can’t do things. It tells us we deserve things when we have not earned it. By looking at things with a cool, calm eye, we can see the fundamental goals and the actual hurdles in the way.
  • Have a Plan – If you wanted to drive somewhere or cook a meal, you would have a recipe or a route, but we think we can win things without plans. A solid plan will get you to the goal you are striving to obtain.
  • Be the GOAT With Behavior – Tiny behaviors move us toward goals. We can never be the best until we get these behaviors in line. Every meal or bedtime or every action moves us towards the goals or away from them.
  • You Don’t Have Choice – You think you have choices, but in the end, the path to success is narrow, and you have to follow the way that other people who succeeded with your goals have gone down.
  • Review with a Neutral Eye – Review your goals and the path and your progress with a neutral eye to determine how you are doing. For example, what do you need to change, or what would you need to keep going to succeed.
  • Put In Guardrails – Guardrails protect us from going into the ditch. However, they can be limited to protect our successes. How can you put in guard rails in your life to keep your goals from being lost?
  • The Little Choices Matter – to get to the right behaviors, you have to follow tiny decisions. These decisions have to do with the tiny behaviors that either move you towards your goal. Once these decisions are in place and the guard drails are set up, you can have more confidence you will get successful.


  • My challenge to you this week is to think of one way to make a positive change in the small things you do that’s dragging you away from the one thing you want to get done.


It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life by [Trevor Moawad, Andy Staples]

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