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65 – Solve Problems With Sherlock

by Jill

Solve problems With Sherlock and some out-of-the-box thinking. Use SCAMPER and creative problem-solving methods to get out of ruts.

Breakout with SCAMPER Thinking – SCAMPER helps us think about problems with a method that allows use for out-of-the-box. It also can be used for complex issues.

  • S is for Substitute  – Can you replace a problematic person or material to fix the issue. For example, does your bathroom need a new sink so you can avoid a common annoyance?
  • C is for Combine – Combine one solution for multiple problems.
  • A is for Adapt – Change the situation so solve a problem
  • M is for Magnify or Minimize – Enhance, embolden, magnify or shrink and reduce aspects to find a solution.
  • P is for Put to Another Use – Use something working to solve a different problem.
  • E is for Eliminate – Remove items or processes which are causing problems.

The Creative Problem-Solving Method

  • Identify Messes – What is the mess that you need to solve? For example, there is a puddle on the floor.
  • Look for Facts – What facts are related to the mess? The puddle is by the sink.
  • Find the Problems – There is a hole in the pipe.
  • Find Ideas – Some divergent or brainstorming ideas you can think of to solve the problems.
  • Solutions – Converge on the best ideas that cause fewer problems and solve the problem the best.
  • Actions – Develop the plan to make the solution happen. Ensure you think about the long-term and root causes.


Find one problem you are trying to solve and use of the mentioned techniques to solve it.


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