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62 – With Lagom, Life is Just Right

by Jill
  • Lagom is about having and doing just enough. It is about not having extremes in anything but always using moderation.
  • It means you don’t have too much stuff. It means you do not do too much work.
  • It includes sustainability in life and with things.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by anything
  • Learn how to be alone and have peace with yourself.
  • Get a capsule wardrobe which means you have a small number of clothes and that most everything goes with everything else. Clear out things you don’t wear or that are worn out.
  • Listen to people and respond with a slow and even tone. Allow yourself to have relaxed conversations.
  • Be kind to yourself and to the people around you.
  • Ask yourself what level of things, money, and activity would provide you the life to experience lagom.
  • It is a philosophy that the greeks had in the “Golden Mean.” It is also a part of the Bible. You can see instances in the stories in both cultures.
  • Find practical and systematic ways to move towards lagom.


Try to simplify an area of your life that is overly complex. Is getting ready in the morning a hardship? Can you streamline your wardrobe to make it easier? Can you find easier foods to prepare?


Lagom: What You Need to Know About the Swedish Art of Living a Balanced Life by [Barbara Hayden]

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