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40 – Find Friends & New Activities

by Jill


  1. Say yes to new adventures, yes to other people, and start saying ‘hi’ and introduce yourself
  2. Find clubs, sporting events, meetup groups, anything that you can get together with people and start making new friends.
  3. Keep your old friends and look to the friends of friends, work friends, networking groups, social events, and things you can go to to get to know people better.
  4. Look for online groups, chat groups, neighborhood groups, and things online where you could make friends. Then, get together with some of those people so that you can actually meet them in real life.
  5. Go out there, meet people. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel like you’re going to get rejected. Realize that meeting people takes a little more work than it used to. Keep an open mind about people. Find friends who are of different religions, different political parties, different from you have current interests. Some of those friendships are the most incredible friendships of all. They give you a different perspective in life and sometimes challenge what you believe. It’s not about finding a clone. It’s about finding someone who can be your friend and giving them a chance,


  • Take the small step and talk to people you’ve never met before. Look at grocery stores or your gym and just say ‘hi,’ and start with small talk. Then, build on that conversation based on the topics you discussed. You’re not looking for lifelong friends. You’re looking at trying to get better at meeting people and getting to know something about them.

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