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48 – Cook Your Dreams in the Kitchen of the Mind

by Jill


  1. Create a Kitchen of the Mind, pick a room that will help you be the most creative, and decorate it with all the tools that you need. And all the decorations you have to make it the place where you can think most creatively about your life and goals.
  2. Create a way of visualizing what your dreams and goals are that might be creating a digital board. Or it might be making a physical board or even just a hanging with a bunch of clips, but some visual way so that you can remember your goals, what you look like in your plans. And the things that you dream of. You don’t even have to do just one. You can make a bunch of them and put them throughout your house.
  3. Figure out what your goal will sound like. Is it the crashing waves at a beach? Is it the sound of a pub in Ireland? Come up with a way of having that sound around you to remind you what it’s gonna feel like to be in your goal. What is your vision going to smell like? Is it the smell of a campfire? Or is it the smell of food while you’re walking through Cancun? Or maybe it’s the smell of the restaurant you opened up with a brand new food that you planned on serving your customers. But think about the smell.
  4. Think about the taste of what your dream or vision is. Is it a particular meal? Is it a particular menu? Or is it a tropical drink all the senses into your visions and goals?
  5. What does your goal feel like? Is it the hugs of the people around you? Is it the touch of sand on the ground? Or is it the dress you always dreamed of wearing? Remember to find a way to get the feel and the touch of your vision together.


  • Come up with one goal, write down how you can incorporate all the senses into achieving your goals and remind yourself of your plan. Are you one? Thanks so much. Please tell a friend about this podcast. And let them know that they can listen to it on any of the podcast services. Thank you very much, and have a great week.


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