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47 – Take a Big Leap into Genius!

by Jill

Understand many of the reasons that you don’t achieve your goals in life are because of an Upper Limit Problem. That means that you feel like you don’t deserve to get your goals or you’re not capable of getting them. Maybe you think other people will be upset with you.

If you get what you really want, remember, you want to make sure that you get out of the Zone of Incompetence. You get out of the Zone of Competence. You even get out of the Zone of Excellence. That’s the most dangerous one. Work your way into the Zone of Genius.

Remember the four hidden barriers. Those are unconscious barriers that will prevent you from getting the goals that you really want. Don’t feel fundamentally flawed, like you can’t get what you want. Don’t feel that this is disloyal, or you’ll be abandoned by other people. If you get what you want. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that getting what you want will be a more considerable burden and take more of your time to take more of your effort. When you get what you want, the new tasks seem like nothing. You get more done. And you give up the things that you don’t want to do

Write down a paragraph that talks about what it would look like if you’re doing all the things inside your Zone of Genius. What would your day look like? What would your life look like? How exciting would it be to live your new life? How energizing would it be to do those things every day?

Get into your Zone of Genius by thinking about the things that are effortless for you. That time just slips away. They call it being in the flow. Then look at the things that drag you down and feel like they take a long time. It’s hard for you to actually get them done. Time is so slow when you’re doing these things because you don’t like it. Maybe you’re not even good at it. Make sure that it incorporates your unique abilities and the things you love to do.

Remember the Enlightened No, which means anything that is not inside your Zone of Genius. You say no. Obviously, that’s easy for you to do when you’re in control of your whole life. Many times at work, you can’t say no to things. But when you can, make sure that you don’t say yes to the things that are not helping you stay inside your Zone of Genius.


  • Pick one thing you’re doing today that is not inside your Zone of Genius. Maybe it’s inside your Zone of Excellence. Say the Enlightened No to it. Stop doing it now!



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