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49 – Life is a Highway

by Jill

Remember that life’s an adventure and a road trip. So make sure that you plan your goals and your destination to know how to get there.

Remember to fuel up your car and fuel yourself to have the right energy level to get the things you want to do.

Remember the side of the road in case you must pull off suddenly. And remember to buckle up so that in case something unexpected happens and that you’re prepared for the worst. Pack for the worst will also help you make sure that you do your adventure most comfortably and safely possible.

Remember that your road trip is an adventure. Try new roads. Try different destinations. Maybe leave the road for a while and meet new people. Always look for the thing that you didn’t expect to see. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

Remember that your adventure is going to have a lot of different speeds. Some days, you’re going to drive fast to make a lot of distance. And other days you’re going to be lackadaisical and enjoy the sights around you. But remember, you can only steer when you’re actually moving. Being stopped on the side of the road will prevent you from getting your goals and prevent you from getting to your destination.

Remember to explore not only the route, not only the things around you but learn about yourself. Learn about what matters to you and what makes your road trip so memorable.


Draw up either on your computer or on a piece of paper a destination you have in mind. Where would you like to go in your life and make it small? What would you like to do next month or maybe the month? Draw a pretend roadmap to getting to your adventure? It doesn’t have to be that artistic, and it doesn’t have to be beautiful. Pretend like you’re drawing out a roadmap about where it is you want to go. What are some of the things that you’ll do along the way? What are some of the things you must do along the way to get your goal? Write down what are some of the attractions you’ll see on the side of the road. What is some of the fun stuff you’ll see on the side of the road? Pretend like your next short-term goal is an adventure on the road

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