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159 – Essential Framing for Effective Problem-Solving

by Jill

I share with you some essential strategies to approach problem-solving effectively. It’s all about shifting your perspective and embracing a curious mindset. By asking questions and challenging assumptions, you can cultivate curiosity and generate alternative solutions. Putting a question mark behind every statement can do wonders!

Another essential skill is tolerating ambiguity, which enables you to think outside the box and consider various perspectives. By taking a broader view and exploring different ways to solve a problem, you can come up with more innovative solutions.

You need to embrace failures and take small, agile steps toward problem-solving. It’s not just about motivation; it’s about having grit and perseverance to overcome challenges. By adjusting your thoughts and considering various scenarios, you can gain new insights and find better solutions. Seeking input from others and tapping into collective intelligence can provide fresh perspectives and ideas.

Sharing your progress with others can drive action and gather support. It’s essential to showcase your progress to keep yourself motivated and inspire others. So, don’t hesitate to share your journey!

Reframing problems involves developing a curious mindset, tolerating ambiguity, taking small steps, adjusting your thoughts, seeking input from others, and sharing your progress.


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