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146 – Time Blocking to Protect What Matters

by Jill

Are you tired of the same old methods of time tracking and task management? In this episode, we dive into some creative ways to take control of your time and accomplish your goals. I share their personal experience with time blocking, a technique that involves scheduling larger blocks of time for specific tasks and activities. Not only does this method increase focus and productivity, but it allows for prioritization and goal setting.

Whether you’re a creative worker or have a more rigid schedule, time blocking can be a game changer. I explain the different terms associated with this technique, such as time boxing and task batching. Plus, I offer some great app recommendations to make the process even easier.

I stress the importance of reviewing and tracking your time to ensure you’re effectively managing your schedule and making progress toward your goals. Give time blocking a try and find the method of time management that works best for you!






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