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188 – Sharing Creativity with Others


by Jill

In today’s bustling world, creativity often feels like a finite resource—hard to find and easy to lose. However, “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon presents a refreshing and encouraging take on how to nurture and sustain creativity in any field. We explore pivotal lessons that promise to unlock the creative genius within us all.

The Essence of Creativity: Austin Kleon’s central thesis is disarmingly simple yet profoundly impactful: creativity is for everyone, and it thrives on the act of borrowing and remixing ideas. We reflect on how this concept resonates and transforms our approach to content creation. Rather than waiting for a muse, Kleon encourages us to actively seek inspiration by engaging with the work of others and combining disparate ideas into something new and unique.

The Unifying Power of Personal Voice: A key takeaway is the importance of personal voice in creative work. Kleon argues, that the unifying element of any creative endeavor is the creator themselves. This perspective is liberating. It suggests that diversity in our interests—be it productivity, nature, or the Bible—can coalesce into a cohesive whole when filtered through our individual perspectives and passions.

Embrace Hobbies and Share Generously: Kleon champions that hobbies are not just leisure activities but vital to our creative health. There is joy in exploring new skills and learning without the pressure of monetization. This leisurely exploration can lead to unexpected breakthroughs and restore our creative energy.

Furthermore, Kleon stress the significance of sharing work with others. The act of sharing is not just about seeking validation but about entering a dialogue with the broader creative community. It’s an opportunity to receive feedback, find collaborators, and refine one’s voice.

Navigating the Creative Process: The book delves into the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies creative projects, as outlined by Kleon. From initial excitement to inevitable doubts and eventual breakthroughs, understanding this cycle can prepare us for the challenges and help us push through to completion.

Living Creatively Beyond the Work: Perhaps the most resonant message from both Kleon’s book is the emphasis on building a creative life, not just creating works of art. This means keeping a day job to remove financial pressures from creative projects, using obscurity as a learning phase, and constantly seeking rooms where you’re not the smartest person. It’s about embracing a lifelong journey of learning, sharing, and growing.

Conclusion: “Steal Like an Artist” doesn’t just offer a methodology for creativity; it gives permission to be unabashedly curious, to make mistakes, and to find joy in the act of creation itself. Its longevity in success as a testament to the book’s enduring relevance and power. As we move forward, let’s carry Kleon’s insights with us, emboldened to steal, remix, and share our way to creative fulfillment.


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