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56 – Improv To Improve

by Jill

It can help you – Improv can help you meet your goals and do better in life. Taking a class or workshop can help you with a variety of hurdles.

Be Present, Listen and Connect- To improv correctly, you have to be in the moment. You can’t think about what happened or what will happen but instead, concentrate on the now. In addition, you will be better at listening if you focus and connect with people.

Take Risks – Improv teaches you to take risks and reach out of your comfort zone. That lesson can impact the rest of your life.

Succeed as a Team – Nothing happens unless everyone wins. If you make people laugh and your team fails, your whole event fails too. You win by helping the team win.

Say ‘Yes’ to Everything! – The comedy dies if you don’t pick up the joke the previous person says. You say yes to everything, the team will succeed.

You Will Fail – You will fail. Everyone fails sometimes. Improve will teach you to fail gracefully and successfully.

Improve Your Speaking Skills – Improve helps your ability to speak in more common situations.

The “Callback” – Pick up a successful joke and take it even further.

Be Obvious – If your humor or intentions are hidden or covert, people will not get the joke.

Know That You Don’t Have Control – You don’t have control of everything in life. Improv will help you deal with situations where you don’t control.

Be Vulnerable and Honest – Being fake will be apparent, so the more genuine you are, the better you connect to the audience.

Add Descriptions to Objects – It will help you be more descriptive and more attentive by adding descriptions to the items in the room with you.

Shake It Off – If something terrible happens, shake it off and keep going.

Be Decisive – Decide about what actions you will take and do it in confidence!

Learn About You – The best part of improv is that you learn a lot about yourself.


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