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55 – Have a Great Day

by Jill

Leave Early – Prepare for your day so that you are early all day. A lot of people show up for everything late and it causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

Stay Focused on One Task –  If you’re not jumping from thing to thing to thing, you will not lose your focus, get more done and do better on your projects.

Arrange Small Tasks for Short Opportunities – Just don’t just write down the big things that you want to do in your life. Make sure that you set up these small tasks that you want to do that you can get done in the nooks and crannies of your day.

Inbox Zero – See exactly what you have to do for the day by keeping your email inbox clean and only filled with things that should be done right away.

Get Rid of Annoyances in your work/play areas – Get rid of the things that really annoy you about your workspace or your living space at your home. If you are able to be comfortable and find the right things, your day will be less frustrating.

Learn Your Software – Learn the software tools that will help you actually get your work done easier. A lot of times there are shortcut keys and other features that will save you time and repetitive actions.

Set Everything Near the Door – Make things easy to take with you by setting them by the door.

Be with the People You Love – Being with the people you like and love will make your life happier and your days better.

Do What You Love Every Day – When you have favorite activities you love doing and you do them every day, you will be happier.

What out for Social Media – Social media can tear us down and tear us apart. Avoiding it or limiting your list of people you follow will help your day go better.

Plan Your Day to Fit You – Don’t just listen to advice. Make sure it fits you! No one is a better expert on your life than you are. Take the advice and make it your own.

Eat Well, Feel Great – Eat the things that give you joy and a break. Avoid the foods that make you tired or sick.

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