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43 – Get Ahead with High-Performance Habits

by Jill
  1. Try to find answers to whether or not you have the six skills it takes to be a high-performance person by taking the test on his website. Remember that most of the things in your life don’t have to do with your circumstance. They are actually related to the high-performance habits.
  2. When it comes to your personal actions. Seek clarity and know exactly what it is you want.. Generate energy by making sure you’re getting the right food, the right exercise, and that you’re getting enough sleep at night. Whatever is draining you of your energy, make sure that you stop it. Gain what you need to do to power through your day. Raise the necessity of your actions inside you.
  3. Increase the high-performance habits that are based on your social activity. This means increasing your productivity, working with your team to make sure you get things done, make sure that you’re doing the right things, you’re keeping the main thing in focus. Ensure you’re actually accomplishing the correct actions. Develop influence with your team and with your family. That comes with building trust. Lastly, demonstrate courage. Be bold and take action. If you don’t show courage, people might fall away from you because they don’t trust what you’re doing or they don’t think you have what it takes to get it done, or they don’t know that you really believe in what you’re doing. By being bold, they will see that you’re serious.
  4. Figure out the skills you need to get things done. Know what it will take to actually increase your productivity. Know what skills you need to get those things done and accomplish your goals.
  5. Try to avoid the characteristics that are detrimental to being a high-performance person. For example, don’t be a dabbler and just have a passing interest. Don’t try this, and then try that without really fulfilling the plan you’ve decided to fulfill. Don’t be a novice where you are interested in the projects, but you really don’t know what needs to get done. And so you don’t get there. Don’t be an amateur, where you know something, but you don’t know enough to actually accomplish your goals.
  6. Understand that as soon as you start getting some of your high-performance skills, the others will fall into place. As you gain clarity, you’ll gain energy. As you gain energy, you’ll gain productivity. So don’t feel overwhelmed. If you’re just starting at the beginning.


  • Try to think of three skills that you need to develop to be successful this year. What three things can you learn that ensure that you have high performance? Then, write those down and start figuring out ways where you could get those skills? Can you take a class? Is there a book with that skill? Or is there a mentor or someone who could teach you how to gain those skills?


High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by [Brendon Burchard]

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