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170 – The Importance of Self-Therapy and Reflection

by Jill

I discussed the importance of therapy and self-reflection in managing our emotions and improving our lives from the book How to Be Your Own Therapist by Owen O’Kane. Therapy and self-reflection can help us manage our emotions and improve our lives. When someone goes to therapy, they get to bounce ideas off of someone who is objective and can offer a different perspective. It’s beneficial in navigating through difficult emotions and experiences.

It’s particularly interesting how our childhood experiences impact our current emotions and beliefs. Our brains are wired to react quickly to protect us, but sometimes, this reactivity can be overdone, leading to negative emotions and thought patterns. By challenging automatic emotional responses and examining the core beliefs we have developed, we can work towards managing our perfectionism and cultivating kindness towards ourselves.

Understanding your core beliefs is key in helping to address and reshape them. Through self-therapy, you can better understand my past experiences and how they influence current thoughts and behaviors. By reflecting on your life story, acknowledging both positive and negative events, and sharing experiences with a supportive listener, you can reframe your perspectives and find hope for the future.

Ultimately, while self-therapy can be a valuable tool, you can learn that you are the solution to your problems. It requires a commitment to self-reflection, patience, and a willingness to challenge and change your patterns of thinking and reacting. By taking small steps towards self-understanding and embracing the self-therapy process, you can work towards leading a happier, more fulfilling life.


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