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44 – Analyze Geniuses to Change Your Life

by Jill


  1. Pick 10 people you admire that mean something to you and have traits that help them succeed in areas you want to succeed in.
  2. Write down the summary of achievements and the traits they have that made them so amazing. Then compare the traits to the characteristics that you share with them. Next, come up with a list of traits that you don’t have that they have that you would like to attain. What do those traits look like every day? How do they fit in your love life? In your work life in your daily life? Then figure out a strategy of how could you achieve those traits and make them a part of your character?
  3. Find out how you can take these traits you either have or wish to cultivate and put them into your dreams. What are your plans? What would you love to do someday? How can you take the aspects of those characters and apply them so that you can achieve your goals? Come up with unique ways to analyze the character, whether you’re drawing a coat of shields, a logo for your life, or you’re writing down the harshest insults you can think of in a creative literary way.


  • Come up with a list of 10 people that you admire, then get a journal, whether it’s on paper, or digital and start your work on your own genius journal.


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