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154 – Navigating Work in an AI World

by Jill

I discuss the impact of robots and AI on jobs. While some jobs may become automated, human skills, such as relating to others and problem-solving, will always be needed. Robots and AI can do certain jobs that humans may not want to do, such as dangerous or manual labor.

The book “Don’t Worry About the Robots” asks readers to embrace the changes brought about by automation and to focus on developing skills that will be in demand in the future, such as math, science, programming, and communication. It emphasizes the importance of adaptability, taking risks, and investing in oneself through education and personal development.

It acknowledges that the rise of automation may lead to changes in the job market, including the rise of the gig economy and the need for workers with emotional intelligence and creativity. However, I believe that these changes offer opportunities for people to find fulfilling work and make a positive impact in the world.

I encourage everyone to be proactive in navigating the changing job market and to view automation as a tool that can enhance human potential rather than a threat to jobs.


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