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179 – Be Creative to Make A Connection

by Jill

In this podcast episode, we discuss how to improve the lives of others by exploring Joe Polish’s book, “What’s in it for them? Nine networking principles to get what you want by helping others get what they want.” I highlight the importance of investing time, attention, money, effort, and energy to foster connections and relationships. It’s crucial to adapt our approach to each individual, understanding their unique contexts and needs. Additionally, I emphasize the value of creativity in building relationships and share personal anecdotes to illustrate how “thinking outside the box” can help establish a connection.

He stresses the significance of being reliable, the person others can rely on, metaphorically speaking. This means being available and responsive, whether it’s dealing with support tickets, emails, or direct conversations. We need to be patient, even with those we don’t necessarily like or relate to, and work towards understanding their needs. He also cautions against getting lost in other people’s problems, overcommitting, or becoming susceptible to energy vampires. It’s vital to maintain balance and protect oneself while being helpful and supportive.

I explore the importance of being practical in problem-solving. It’s not enough to listen and empathize; we must offer solutions that meet the actual needs of the people we’re dealing with. This requires understanding their problems, asking the right questions, and genuinely listening to their responses. Offering solutions should go beyond the standard “guidebook” responses and involve genuinely thoughtful, personalized, and feasible solutions.

Find someone they’re somewhat distant with and attempt to bridge that gap. By understanding what makes that person tick, they can start to appreciate them more and figure out how to be of genuine help. Take small steps towards making people feel appreciated, even those who might seem a bit unlovable.

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