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171 – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

by Jill

Today, I talk to you about the book How to Be Your Own Therapist by Owen O’Kane and the importance of reprogramming our negative thoughts and challenging the rules we have set for ourselves. You and I are not victims of our thoughts and we have the power to break free from the negative narratives in our minds. By reprogramming ourselves and adopting new, more beneficial rules, we can overcome the limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Let’s prioritize our own well-being and engage with life authentically. Taking care of our physical and mental health, engaging in activities that bring us joy and calm, and surrounding ourselves with supportive people are essential for personal growth. I believe in being kind to ourselves and others, as well as prioritizing the needs of others without becoming people-pleasers.

Here are some practical strategies that can help us manage negative thoughts. I like to use grounding practices and tapping to distract my mind from negative spirals. By rewiring our reactions and focusing on an action plan, we can address triggers and create healthier habits. Reflecting on lessons learned and practicing gratitude can also contribute to our overall well-being.

Let’s take small steps towards self-improvement and be patient with ourselves throughout the process. Remember, setbacks and challenges are a normal part of life, but with perseverance and self-compassion, we can navigate through difficult times and find our way back to a positive path.


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