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107 – The 1-Page Marketing Strategy

by Jill

Why market? It is to make more money in our endeavors. More money means we have more resources to make our business survive and use our money to help others. 

Everyone has a professional plan. Having a marketing plan will help you be most effective. 

A tiny minority of marketing efforts is influential; you must be selective when you don’t have the time or money to do it all. 

That is where the 1-page marketing plan is perfect for a simple, easy-to-follow program. 

Advertising is making a poster

Promotion is dressing up like a dinosaur and gaining attention

The press talking about it is publicity

And people laughing about it at the water cooler is public relations

Strategy is your plan for marketing, and a tactic is acting items in the strategy,

Can you learn some things about marketing in your area by looking at the competitors around you?

When you develop a marketing strategy, you want to measure the costs and effectiveness. 

It should be compelling to the target. It should offer the target audience something and have a request for them to act. For example, is it to listen to a podcast or buy a product?

You have some small steps to follow up with your customers and track their activity. Did the plan work?

Then after people follow the ask, you should maintain that relationship. 

He then talks about his plan. You can find more information here https://blog.12min.com/the-1-page-marketing-plan-pdf-summary/

Before marketing work, you want to figure out who your marketing plan is for. People probably don’t even know who you are.  They should learn who you are and what you do. 

While you try to get your prospects to buy, they should learn to like what you do. 

After the phase, follow up and get your customers to trust your work and buy again or tell a friend. That is the best marketing when you have word of mouth. 

You want to target your marketing to a segment of people who might be your customers. You can’t be everything to everything. It makes you not unique. No one will think you are special enough to buy from your competitors. Your plans should have a very narrow focus. 

 Mass marketing is expensive. You want to be a big fish in a small pond. 

To find your audience, you want to score how personally fulfilling this customer is to you. Then you want to achieve the potential for income and how important your product will be to the customer. Finally, when you have found that sweet spot of a group of people you want to work for, and that group can provide you the income, you know you have found your target. 

Once you find this target audience, you must learn everything about them with their dreams, wishes, hopes, and fears. What do they buy and read, and what problems are they trying to solve? Then develop a fake person or character who can represent them. What does your buyer look like, then? Then, when you make plans, you can think about them. 

With how crowded markets are, you must stand out. You must be unique in a way that makes you stand apart from others, so they buy from you. 

Get an elevator speech about your business and products so you can say it right off your head if someone asks you. In episode 19, we talked about how to get an elevator speech. Write with compelling words and emotional terms.

Be clear with your titles and not so creative that they don’t know what you are talking about. 

In your follow-up, don’t spam them and make them sorry they signed up. 

Never buy lists to text and email. They tend to be terrible quality lists and may be illegal and get you blacklisted. 

Create you’re your content and be the voice of your customer. For example, have a blog or podcast to tell your customer’s story.  You want them to think about you and say to their friends too. 

You aim to turn a prospect into a customer and advocate for your product. 

Start on his one-page marketing plan. And suppose you’re going to write a book. In that case, you’re going to have a small business, or maybe you work for a nonprofit organization you wish more people knew about. Start with his beginning plan, which is to figure out who your target audience is, and then try to figure out what message you have for them and what makes them tick. What books do they read? What are their worries at night? What makes them joyful? And try to become the expert of your tribe? Are you one, thanks so much? I appreciate listening to the podcast.


If you are thinking about doing any kind of marketing, whether you’re trying to market a nonprofit organization that you’re working for, whether you’re trying to sell a book that you’re writing or a podcast you have, consider creating this one-page plan that he has from this book, to try to find out.

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