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106 – The Culture of Fortitude and the Self

by Jill

Sisu (Finnish) – It means to have grit or perseverance. If you are at the end of your rope, you still find it inside yourself to keep going. It isn’t even in this concept of big woes. It can be small things and short moments of grit. https://matadornetwork.com/read/finnish-concept-sisu/

Fiero (Italian) – Taking pride in your achievement by accomplishing a goal and not unwarranted vanity or ego. 

Engelengeduld (Dutch) – tolerance, patience, and the ability to endure

Novaturient (English) – change your behavior or life by seeking the change and taking steps to get there. 

Inuuqatigiittiarniq (Inuit) – Respect for other people and a commitment to harmony and peace. 

Meraki (Greek) – loving your creations and efforts and what you do in life. It is a love of labor and creativity. . https://greekerthanthegreeks.com/2015/03/lost-in-translation-word-of-day-meraki.html

Tempest Fugit (Latin) Time flies and is going to run out. Therefore, we must look at it as a precious and fleeting commodity.

Þedda redast  (Icelandic) – Technically, it means external relations, but everything will work out just fine. It is an optimistic way to look at life but also includes this stoic, calm view of things that happen in life. And if even it doesn’t work out, it will in the end anyway.  https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20180603-the-unexpected-philosophy-icelanders-live-by

Aftselakhis  (Yiddish) – Wanting to do something after someone tells you that you shouldn’t.

Fernweh (German) – Having a longing or being homesick for a place you have never been.

Shouganai (Japanese) – Don’t worry or think about issues you can’t do anything about. 

Mudita (Javanese) – Being happy or having joy for other people’s happiness.

Verschlimmbesserung (German) – Trying to make something better, but you made it worse instead.

Kummerspeck (German) – It is translated as “bacon-grief,” which means eating and gaining weight to get comfort or stress relief. 

Kuidoare (Japanese) – When you eat yourself into going broke, which maybe is a word that goes with “bacon grief.”


Think about which one of these personal attitudes stuck with you. Which one do you like the most? Is it sympathy for other people? Or is it this concept that everything will work out in the end? And I want you to think about how this philosophy helps you face challenging times when trying to do something better in your life.




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