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81 – Go! Go Now!

by Jill

The 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins – Book Review – AE
  • What Do We Want – To get what we want; we have to know what we want. But even if we know, we still don’t get it. We plan and think and want but never act. What if we could just act and get what we want. 
  • The Real F Word – Fine – We say the F word all the time. We say we are fine. It’s a lie. We are lying to others when we say it. Worse yet, we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves we are fine. But we aren’t fine. We settle and never get what we want. 
  • We Are Born to Change the World – The odds of a person being born like us are impossibly rare. We are made to be something. To do something big! When we don’t act, or we go back to bed, we miss out on that thing we are meant to do. Instead of all the fantastic things we could be achieving or doing, we sleep and do mundane things. 
  • Being an Adult – We have people in our lives who tell us to GO or give us good advice and help make our path easier. You realize that you are the adult, and that action is now up to you. 
  • The 5 Second Rule – Don’t plan! Don’t make excuses. 5 4 3 2 1 GO! If you don’t do things in under five seconds, you will think of reasons not to do something. Get out of bed! Talk to your loved one about something hard to discuss! 
  • It Saved Her, Let It Save You – This rule she invented saved her life and marriage. A simple rule of action can make significant actions in your life. 
  • No Brainer, The Heart Rules – People say we are ruled by our brains and must convince them to get us to act. Our hearts govern us. That is what spurs us onto action. 
  •  – We believe that motivation gets us to act, but instead, we get motivated after we act. Action and the success that follows creates a snowball into more and more progress.
  • Hesitation is the Death of Achievement – We lament because we don’t feel like doing something. The truth is we never feel like doing anything. We have excuses. We always sleep in or choose to do something else. Then we pause and do nothing. The 5 Second Rule gets in first because we can hesitate and end our procrastination.
  • Small Moves – When you are doing to act at the count of five, you can still do small steps. 
  • Rosa Parks Acted – Even in history, people who acted without planning or without thinking changed the world. 
  • We Act All the Time – We act all the time without planning or procrastination. We get a drink. We turn on the tv. How can we do some things immediately and not others? By doing the 5 Second Rule, you can act on much more. 


  • Pick one thing this week. And instead of thinking about it, sort of overthinking about it, it’s having to be something that you know you want to do that you’ve been putting off doing. So just do it 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Go! and see how that works for you.


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