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82 – Gain Everyday Courage

by Jill
  • What is Courage? – We need the courage to act on the things we want. But we often think we do not deserve what we want or don’t have the skills to get our goals. People do not believe they should get what they want and it is all out of a lack of courage. In the end people do not act because they are brave but true courage is acting when you are not brave. Don’t be an enemy to yourself If you won’t be your own cheerleader, no one will.. 
  • Give Your Brain a New Story – Make the burden of your tasks easier by telling your brain that you aren’t afraid to do any action but instead you are excited to get your goal. It is important to get over stress and fear because it is damaging to your health more than any other reason. But it also keeps you from what you want and the relationships you wish to have in your life.  Give yourself an “anchor statement” which holds you to the goals and dreams you have but are afraid to reach out and take it. 
  • Everyday Courage – If you can learn the skill of being courageous it will follow you your whole life and help you get any goal. 
  • Courage Improves Relationships – When you are afraid in life it keeps you from other people. It can lead you to be angrier with others or even unable to get close to others. When we have confidence, we can have better relationships and let other people see the real version of us. 
  • It’s Not a Type of Person – Courage doesn’t have a type. It isn’t about a trait you are born with. You can have courage regardless of your other personality traits. 


  • Try to find one way this week that you can be courageous about something that you have not felt courageous about. Getting on a plane is a little hard because that takes some planning some tickets. But maybe it’s about talking to someone you needed to talk to. Or maybe it’s about sending a resume to someone you wanted to send a resume to, or maybe talking to someone at work about something that’s been bothering you. Try to get that courage to do something bold and figure out what it is that was stopping you all this time and see if you can reframe it into a new story. I’m not scared to talk to my boss. I’m excited about the opportunities it will provide.


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