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76 – Be Negative and Be Prepared

by Jill
Interview: Coach Bob Knight, Author Of 'The Power Of ...

The Power of Negative Thinking by Bob Knight

  • Why Negative Thinking? – Bobby Knight was a basketball coach who always told the truth. He felt the positivity moment does not prepare people for winning your goals or anything wrong that might happen. Is that negative or realistic if you bring a raincoat to a picnic? Negative thinking helps us prepare for what could go wrong and prepare for it.
  • Learn Not to Lose  – If you don’t learn to lose, you can’t win. Can you beat the other team by making so many baskets, or do you have to know how not to make mistakes? Do you have to understand what could go wrong? Or what the other team will try to do against you. How will your own plans fail because of something you will do? Again, knowing what could go wrong will make it work.
  • Give Up Hollow Platitudes – You can do everything!!! Can you? How helpful is something that tells you something untrue? Or does knowing what you can do or can’t do help you even more? Being honest and staying away from fake ways to cheer you up will help you win.
  • Have Discipline – Being disciplined means knowing what needs to be done,
  • Luck Won’t Help – Luck cannot help you achieve your goals if you don’t have the plans and talent to do it.
  • Have the Right Confidence – Don’t be overly confident. Being pessimistic and realistic can help you be at the right level of confidence.
  • Always Do Better – Always look for ways to make your efforts better. Nothing should be left as it is.


  • Look for something that needs a little attention. Something you’ve been saying if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Instead, think if it isn’t broken, what can I do to improve it and find that one thing you could improve right now, with some honesty?


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