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75 – Go For a Walk, Meet a Neighbor and Be Happy

by Jill
Happiness--Found in Translation: A Glossary of Joy from ...
  • Happiness Found In Translation – Tim Lomas
  • Apprivoise – Make it your own! There is something about taming something. Maybe it is cleaning up something and making it better or taking on a weedy mess and turning it into a garden.
  • Dépayse – Exciting New Place – Places that are entirely new to you and so different you maybe even feel a bit disoriented are exciting and fulfilling.
  • Dadirri  – Appreciate Nature in a Contemplative Way. Make it a spiritual and deep trip to nature and listen.
  • Paseo/Flâneur/Volta/Korzo/Passeggiata – Stroll with No Destination But A Lot of Benefits. You can meet your neighbors and find a date. Eat a great meal and window shop at the stores.  
  • Shinrin-yoku – Forest Bathing By Soaking Up Nature Take in nature and walk in the woods. Look around and enjoy your surroundings. Studies show that you are restored by 20 minutes of nature in a day. It helps the brain and reduces stress.
  • Ohanami – Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms. Visiting a tree or a flower that is short-lived and limited is a joy. In Japan, the cherry blossoms are enjoyed while they are there. In other places, it might be lilacs, crabapples, and magnolias.
  • Smultronställe – Find A Berry Patch and Relax. It is nice to find a small place in the woods and enjoy the spot. Look for berries or find a toad.


  • Go for a short walk, meet your neighbors, make aimless, and try to find something new in the world around you. Get a better appreciation for nature, the buildings, and the people around you. Maybe even you’ll pick up a date, just like the people in Spanish cultures. But hopefully, they’ll give you a way of either whether you’re in a city location or natural location to appreciate your surroundings, either because it’s so new to you that you’re excited about it. Or because it’s a tame environment because we took something wild and made it our own.


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