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52 – Grow Your Income with Facts

by Jill

Decide how you’re going to bring more money into your life. Will you ask for a raise at your current job? Try for a different position at your current company or get another job at another company? Maybe you’re just going to ask for a raise. You’re going to do so by taking the emotion out of it and bringing your brag book. Have those lists of things that you did that earned or saved your company money. You want to go in with cold data when asking for a raise.

Look at the skills you have. Try to figure out what skills are available now or in your next job or a side hustle that you could use. Then go through the list and identify those you can monetize. Finally, put the income potential on those items to know how much it could bring in.

Look at ways of expanding your skills. Are there ways that you could take classes, professional development? Could you learn something new, get a new certification, or even a new degree that would help you become more valuable, either in your current company or your next company? What could you do to make your skills better and more valuable?

Look for a side hustle that you might be able to do to bring in extra income without leaving your job. Look at job websites like Google Craigslist TaskRabbit, and see what other side hustles people have and what kind of money they make. Figure out which ones would work for you, and hopefully give you some enjoyment. You want to make sure that if you do have a side hustle, that you like it. If you have trouble figuring out your skill assessment, ask your friends and family and ask them what they think you’re good at. Don’t get into a side hustle that will require a lot of stuff. Start out with something that you can just do right away without a lot of materials,


  • Come up with an exhaustive list of the skills you have. Talk to your friends and family. Talk to anyone who could help you and come up with a list of every skill, every ability, every special power you have going for you. Then put a checkmark next to the ones that could potentially earn you money.


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