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33 – Look the Part to Feel the Part

by Jill




1. Make sure you look better by being relevant to what the company needs to happen. Be a translator for your customers and other co-workers to people who have responsibility inside the company

2. improve the business. Ensure that what you’re doing makes your company your customers and the products you’re selling better.

3.  Identify a personal brand. That means what people think of you try to figure out what you want your personal brand to be. Then make sure that every project, every communication exudes that brand.

4. Identify the stakeholders in your life. Those will be your bosses, your co-workers, people involved in your project, and your customers. Whoever has an impact on the work you’re doing. Ensure that you don’t annoy them and that you’re brief, and you give them exactly the information they’re looking for.

5. Don’t fade away. Don’t disappear. It is so easy to disappear in a company to be in the corner of the room. When you show up late for meetings, a lot of times, you disappear. When you show up first, your front and present and greeting the customers or your other co-workers, make sure that you are noticed. But realize that sometimes when you’re noticed. It can be harsh to be noticed, so be prepared to take some constructive and maybe some not so constructive criticism.

6. Have a presence and practice your story and your answers. Often, you’re coming up with great ideas for your company or projects that you want to work on. People will challenge it and try to find out more about your ideas. Make sure you have ready answers and ready stories to give the best possible responses.


Spend some time this week and write down who all of your stakeholders are. Are they your customers? Are they your co-workers? Is it your boss? Write down those stakeholders in a gigantic list, and then next to their names, write down what they want. Think about how you best can give your stakeholders exactly what they’re looking for.

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