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34 – Meet New Co-Workers but Keep the Old

by Jill




  1. Ensure that you find a mentor and connect with people who can help you understand your next job and the jobs around you so that you can take them on and that you can slide right into those new jobs. Understand what they are and how you’re going to help
  2. Make sure you keep up with your old connections, friends in the company, co-workers that you talk to you regularly find out how they are doing. Find out how they’re doing. Find out how their teams are doing. Sometimes you’re able to help them because you know something that would make their lives better. Sometimes they can help you because they understand something. But it also makes your working life so much richer when you have people around you that you love to talk to. You might keep up with them on social media. LinkedIn is a great place to find your customers, your past co-workers. Keep those connections alive in any way you can and go to lunch with people.
  3. Make a list of good ideas for the company and keep thinking about new ideas. Idea-making is like any other skill. Once you practice it every day, it gets better and better at it.
  4. Figure out the job that needs to be done. Find someone who’s doing that job or something close to it.Interview them, make sure that you understand what the job takes, what the job is like, and some of the hardships in the job so that you’re prepared for that.
  5. Act confident, even if you’re not. If you’re not confident, and you act like it, you’re already sunk, and there’s just no point in it.
  6. Tell the story of what you will do. Don’t talk about your past. Don’t talk about your skills. Instead, paint the picture of your goals and how you would make things so much better in your company. And then start doing that job. Even if you don’t get it. Prove to people that you’re good at it, and that you should be on the list for the next time that kind of position comes up.


  • Try a little experiment and start writing a daily list of 10 things that are just great ideas. You can do it for work if work is what you’re trying to improve in your life. Or you could do it for your home life. Become a better ideas person by doing it every day.

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