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32 – Focus on the Right Job

by Jill




  1. Go above and beyond your job description and do what needs to be done. Make sure your job suits your ruthless priorities. You can’t do everything, and if you get tied up doing the projects and the tasks that don’t matter, you’ll never get time to do the ones that really do matter. They are the ones that put your company and your career ahead.
  2. Keep a priority list. Ensure that you always build in a time buffer, so you have time to think and plan and then actually do the necessary work.
  3. Protect your important projects. Over-communicate anytime something goes wrong, goes right, or you need help from your boss and other people in your company. Make sure you finish those critical projects first.
  4. Hide physically and digitally. Find some way of getting into a quiet space where people can’t find you. Don’t automatically respond to your phone, to Slack, or to other messaging devices. Make sure you get time to concentrate.
  5. Build trust in your community at work with your bosses and with your coworkers. When they learn they can trust you, that’s when the good projects will come your way.


  • Try to spend at least one hour in pure silence, whether it’s from distractions, noises, or digital signals that try to steal your intention. Try building that up. It’s hard to concentrate but start small. Use this experiment as a way of seeing whether good focus time could improve your productivity.

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