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197 – Seven Key Questions to Be Self-Aware

by Jill

Understanding our essential self is a journey, one that requires introspection and a willingness to ask challenging questions. We look into these questions, drawing from Dain Dunston’s book, Being Essential: Seven Questions for Living and Leading with Radical Self-Awareness. This two-part series emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in navigating life’s journey and achieving personal growth.

Question 1: Where Are You?

This question, reminiscent of God’s inquiry to Adam in the Garden of Eden, asks us to evaluate our current position in life. It’s not just about our physical location but our emotional and psychological state. Understanding where we are allows us to chart a course for where we want to go.

Question 2: Why Are You Here?

Identifying the meaning behind our existence and actions can transform our approach to life. Knowing our purpose provides clarity and direction, making everyday challenges more manageable.

Question 3: Who Are You Being?

This question examines the roles we play in life. Are we acting as our essential selves or as synthetic versions of ourselves? Recognizing the difference is crucial for authentic living.

Question 4: What Do You Want?

Our desires and dreams shape our journey. Understanding what we truly want out of life helps us align our actions with our goals, creating a cohesive path forward.

Question 5: What Wants to Happen?

This metaphysical question encourages us to understand the broader direction of our lives. It’s about aligning our personal journey with the larger movements of the world or our community.

Question 6: What Don’t You Know?

Acknowledging our knowledge gaps and actively seeking to fill them is vital for growth. It’s about confronting the unknowns that hinder our progress.

Question 7: How Does This Feel?

Finally, assessing our emotional responses to our journey is essential. Mixed feelings are natural, and understanding them helps us navigate the complexities of our paths.

By reflecting on these questions, we can better understand our essential selves, leading to a more purposeful and fulfilling life. As Burroughs suggests, even small steps towards self-awareness can make a significant difference in our overall well-being.

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