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181 – Get out of the Rut of Overthinking

by Jill

In this episode, we explore the topic of overthinking and how it can negatively impact us. We discuss the book ‘Overthinking’ by Daniel Michaels, where the author suggests that overthinking is a safety mechanism that helps us make decisions. However, it can often lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Overthinking can have both mental and physical effects. It can cause us to perceive patterns that do not exist, leading to insomnia and undue stress. This can escalate to the point where we jump to conclusions that may not be true, such as thinking that people dislike us or are against us. 

I share strategies to break out of this cycle of overthinking, such as identifying and aligning with our values, journaling to get ideas out of our heads, and taking action. Finding hobbies or activities is important to help shift our focus away from stress. We also highlight some cognitive distortions associated with overthinking. Lastly, we emphasize that gratitude can help combat overthinking by fostering a positive outlook. 

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