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96 – Our Damaging Concept of Time

by Jill

Take a look at how we see time could be damaging our goals and happiness. The most important resources we have is time and attention. Get those back!

Four Thousand Weeks

We Try to Pack It All In – We think we can be more efficient with our time. We believe we can pack in everything if we are only more efficient. 

We Used to be Tasked Oriented – In history, we had very little access to an exact time, and it primarily didn’t help people because they were task-oriented and had to complete tasks and not just finish and start work at times. So for most of human existence, all time was just for us to survive. 

Now It is a Conveyer Belt – It feels like time flies off the end of a conveyor belt and that we can never keep up. It makes us frustrated and stressed. 

We Have to Make Hard Choices – To get over this stress and competition for our time and attention. We must make hard decisions and learn to say no. 

We Distract Ourselves Because of Time Stress – When the stress gets worse, we start to distract ourselves with silly games and other timewasters. 

Is Tech to Blame? Tech allows us to record and organize tasks, will enable us never to drop any task, and reminds us to do it all. We think with this efficiency. We can do it all. We should drop tasks and pare down the list. Tech is not to blame. Our harmful use of task lists is to blame, and if we used the tool only to track the critical tasks we should do, tech would be a powerful tool. 

Ruthlessly Eliminate and Say ‘No” – To get to a place where you can use your time better and reduce your stress, distractions, and feeling overwhelmed, pick the things that should be done and start cutting tasks. 

Time and Attention are the Most Important

The Shortness of Life – Seneca suggested that everyone was wasting their lives on silly stuff like politics and parties. Instead, do the things that matter. 

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