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97 – Abandon the Time Traps

by Jill


We Lost Control Early – From an early age, with school lessons and chores, we learn about managing time, which ends up being a trap for us later. 

Holiday vs. Vacation – Holidays are better than vacations because everyone is off. People can spend time with their loved ones. They also keep work from piling up since everyone is out of the office. Holidays are more relaxing, and people are happier too. 

Getting True Rest – Learn to rest in a truly relaxing way. Have hobbies that have no purpose and no end game or goal. Try for hobbies that allow you to enjoy your time. 

Paying Attention – Attention is the first step to genuine appreciation. If we aren’t paying attention to the people or the incredible experiences around us, we are not enjoying everything life offers us. 

Stop Looking for the Unobtainable – Stop trying to accomplish things that are either too hard, too many tasks, too much multitasking, or something outside our abilities. If we spend time doing these tasks, we are not doing the tasks that are important to us or things we could get done. 

Relieve Stress – Having too many tasks or things we cannot get done and get stressed. So what do you do to relieve stress? Are you playing mindless games or taking on additional tasks hoping to distract you from what you should be doing. By having proper rest and preventing yourself from getting that stressed, you can also avoid the bad habits you picked up to relieve stress. 

Get Achievable Goals – Reduce the number of goals and start practicing incrementalism which means breaking your tasks into small steps. 

Do Your Purpose – Ensure your tasks align with the functions you should be doing because they get you close to your purpose. This is what you are meant to do, that you are good at, and helps the world. For example, focusing on talent might mean you can accomplish the task but might not be happy. Following your dreams might mean you aren’t good at what you hope to do. But the purpose is that perfect combination of skill, desire, and benefit. 

Abandon Hope in the Trap – Give up on the hope you can do it all or get done the things you shouldn’t get done. Forget the idea that if only you were more organized, or if you were more organized or had more apps, you could do it all. You can’t, and the sooner you realize it and give up, the sooner you can move on to your real purpose. 


Come up with a list of the very things not that you feel like you should be doing? Don’t list the tasks you feel that you must do. Instead, make sure it is your purpose and the thing that will move the world. But what’s that one thing that if you were doing it, you would change the world and your life, and you would do so in a way that makes you extraordinarily liberated and happy.

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