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83 – Are You Having Fun?

by Jill
  • The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again by Catherine Price

  • Fun is Serious Business – We need to have fun. It is what makes life worth living and enjoyable. So, we must get fun in our lives. But we have WMDs, Weapons of Mass Distraction, keeping us from having fun and enjoying life as much as possible. You don’t need possessions or money or to be in certain places to have true fun. In the years to come, the times we had true fun are what we will remember. 
  • What is True Fun –We lose track of time in a flow state, we are no longer self-conscious, we become playful. We connected with others. With these components of true fun, we know when we have it achieved. 
  • Time is Important – We need to set aside time to make fun work for us. If we fill our time with work and distractions, we won’t have time for true fun. 
  • It’s Healthy – Having true fun reduces our stress and improves both our mental and physical health.  But instead of finding true fun and gaining health benefits, we self-medicate with distractions like tv and games and things that don’t make us happy. It is time to re-focus our efforts 
  • Become Childlike – Children have that ability to find fun in the most straightforward actions. For example, they see the joy in a new park. But as we age, we put filters and roadblocks in the way that prevent us from having fun or even understanding what brings it. 
  • What Prevents Fun – Distractions and filling our time with actions do not give us true fun. Also, thinking we can’t have true fun or that we are not fun people. Fill our lives with fake fun actions that cause us to have an ok time but not the real fun we seek. It is like having junk food. 
  • Fun is Active – Having true fun means we must be active. We must take the steps that put us in a position to have true fun. 
  • Fun Magnets – Fun Magnets are things that bring us true fun. They attract fun to us. They are people, places, activities, or anything that bring us fun. 
  • Find Real Fun – You will need to work at having fun. True fun, in the end, is meant to be fun.  You might need a specific location. Maybe it is outside your house so you will have to find the proper location. Set aside time to have fun. Set up your magnets and your location and gather your people to have true fun times in the future. Maybe it is something you often do. Maybe it is something you have never done before.  If you do new things, you will find new fun too. Put in the effort to make this happen!


  • Start a list of times you had true fun. Start thinking about the most obvious and memorable times when you had true fun again. Who were you with? What was the environment like, and what were you doing? See if you can start seeing trends. Break them down into small fun magnets so that you can figure out the next steps to having more fun?


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