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54 – Best Tomorrow Starts Tonight

by Jill

Review the Day

Look at how your day went. Take note of the successes and the things that did not go well.

Visualize the Perfect Tomorrow

What would the perfect day look like. Run through it in your head. Time block your schedule in loose categories.

Develop Routines

Develop routines of activities you can do at bedtime and in the morning. Make your best behaviors habits.

Relax at the End of the Day

Make sure the end of your day is peaceful and relaxing. Ease yourself into sleep time.

Stay Away from Trauma Entertainment Before Bed

Do not expose yourself to traumatizing events before bed. It can affect how you look back at your previous day and the next day.

Clean Up Your Desk/Main Sitting Area

Straighten out the area where you spend your time so that it is prepared for the next day.

Set Your Breakfast Up

Set out your breakfast so it will power you through the next day.

Set Out Stuff for the Next Day

Set out everything you will need for the next morning and the rest of the day. Plan on unexpected things happening and pack for them.

Write Down The Most Important Tomorrow Task

Write down the top 1-3 things you should get done tomorrow. It will be fresh right at the end of your day.

Schedule Fun Time

Make sure you do the things that you love to do every day.

Go To Bed On Time or Early

Going to bed is the new sleeping in. You will feel great and prepared for the next day.

Stop Waking Up Unexpectedly

It wrecks your relaxation to wake up from sleep. Fix the things that keep waking you up. Tackling quick problems will make such an impact the next day.

Reflect on Your Wins

Think about what went right with your day and pat yourself on the back. Figure out how to do that more.

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