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38 – Let Adversity Make You Awesome

by Jill


  1. Instead of being anxious about your life, become ready to make changes,
  2. Become failure-proof, and figure out how you will accomplish all the things you want and what you’re going to do if these things don’t go through.
  3. Uses the magic words in a sentence. Remember, in any sentence, you can say  …   and “yet.” Once we do that, that sentence helps us take that sting of negativity out of what didn’t go right with us.
  4. Move the spotlight. You think everyone’s looking at you. You believe everyone notices what you’re doing? And what’s going wrong in your life? But to be honest, nobody is
  5. See anything that is a failure or didn’t go the way you hoped it would? As a step. What did you learn from it? How is this going to help you do better in the future?
  6. Understand that you can’t see the future. You don’t know what’s behind the next band. But you got here into this place in your life, from a combination of successes and failures. And you’re going to continue to grow in the future, with more wins and more losses. And because you were able to handle them in the past, you will manage them better in the future. You can be grateful for things that don’t go right, that they will make you better in the past, that there are things that did go right even though it looks like a lot of things went wrong. Focus on what made you who you are today, and then tell a different story about it. Tell a positive story about it.
  7. Remember that when you have failures, often, it’s a sign that you really want to change, that you really want to do something new, and you picked a big goal. Take those steps of learning and figure out how you can actually accomplish the things you wanted. Even if it didn’t work the last time, pat yourself on the back that you took on a challenge that was hard to do.


  • Try reframing a story. Think about something that you’ve always considered a negative in your past, and then try to reframe the story about what went right instead.


You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle with Failure, and Live an Intentional Life (Book of Awesome Series, The) by [Neil Pasricha]

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