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Be Everything at Work by Smooshing

by Jill
  • Having many different skills makes you a valuable employee
  • Ensure that your job has variety.
  • Understand when you’re bored versus when you’re overwhelmed. Know where the sweet spot is for you at work and know when you have enough projects to keep you interested
  • Experiment and try different jobs at work or take on various committees and other assignments to give you a flavor of the other kinds of work that’s out there that may interest you as well.
  • Look at the work models in How to be Everything. Do you want to have a job that just has many different tasks like being a consultant? Do you want to have a slash job where it’s two jobs instead of just one job? Maybe a project manager/technical advisor. Do you want to have an “Einstein” job, where it’s a job that doesn’t really take on your multitalented skills but instead allows you the money, the time, and the energy to go home and have other projects that do bring out that Renaissance person inside you? Or do you want to have a career that just changes over time? You do this for a few years. You do something else for a few other years, and you keep trying new things. Whichever one of the four work models do you pick? Make sure it allows you to grow and do many things.
  • Tell your boss that you’re a multipotentialite. Help your company understand that you’re at your best when you can be allowed to do many different things. And when you can use those skills to bring diverse groups of people together inside your company. A lot of times, cohesion inside a company is hard to get. And you could be that critical person that brings everyone together.


  • Take your top 10 skills, lessons, sets of knowledge and list them. Then pick your three most favorite items and try to smoosh them together into a job. For example, if you love math, computers, and horses, could you become an accountant for a horse ranch? Or could you set up a website for people who love horses? Try to think outside the box about how you could create a career from the things you love doing?


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