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59 – Can Nice People Get Ahead

by Jill

Do you have to be aggressive or mean to get ahead in the world? On the other hand, can a nice person get ahead and still be the person they hope they are?



  • Pleasing the Boss is Most Important – Do what your boss expects, and impressing them is the most important thing. People who don’t manage this impression won’t be saved even with outstanding performance.
  • Jerks Thrive – They do get ahead, but it might only be in the short-term because people learn not to trust them and the other people who are “takers” bring them down.
  • Honor Among Thieves – Even evil organizations thrive by depending on other people and trusting them to behave to group members. If an organization is made up entirely of bad people or jerks, the company fails.
  • Can Givers Get Ahead? – Givers give and give too much, and often time they are found at the bottom of organizations or not achieving their goals.  They can succeed by not giving to the point of their own projects failing. By throttling their time, they can thrive while helping others. They can make the best use of their given time and finish their own work and get ahead.
  • Prisoners Dilemma – Is it best to be trustworthy even when it offers you pain, or should you serve yourself even If it costs trust in your own character? Experiments show that people who play a “tit for tat” line will get ahead.
  • Generous Tit For Tat – Be the first to forgive and the first to give. Don’t be the first to misbehave towards another person. Doing “tit for tat” in a generous way will win your trust and friends. The Giver’s best assets are other givers.

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