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60 – Grit or Quit? Be the Best or Rest?

by Jill
  • Quit or Grit? Should you stick things out or quit things that are not working? The answer is you have to quit the things that are not beneficial or not what you should spend time on. You should stick to the things you should do for yourself and others. If you are making progress but are stuck. Persevere and take on the challenge to see it through.
  • We like easy things over success or fear of failure. The secret to success and fulfilling life is to go for the tasks that are not easy. Challenge yourself! Accomplish demanding tasks that will progress your life and the lives of others.
  • To overcome a complex challenge, try all sorts of solutions. The best way to overcome complicated challenges is to experiment and look at the task with fresh thoughts.
  • Have an implementation intention. That means you have a plan and a target date to start your tasks. Make sure you know what you will do when hurdles happen, even those inside your own brain. If X then you will do Y. You will now encounter tough times or feelings of defeat or the desire to do the easy thing. Know what your plan will be.
  • Be realistic in all goals and plans
  • Know people who can give you wise advice and introduce you to other people. Find those super connectors in your life. Be a great listener. Help people, including your mentors.
  • Have a realistic view of who you are. When you “believe in yourself,” back those thoughts with evidence of why you should do so. Find proof that you can succeed in certain aspects of your life.
  • Working hard is essential. It makes people great at what they do. But we are not machines, and we need to do other things for our own sanity and improve our productivity. Moreover, other people love and depend on us to be balanced.
  • Know what your work and life expectations are from others. Ask them if you do not know the answer.
  • Have a shutdown ritual, so your brain and body know it is time to step away when you quit on time.


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