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Start with the Small Steps Trailer

by Jill

Hello, I’m Jill and this is the “Start with Small Steps” podcast. I am a consultant for a software company and spend my days helping organizations change for the better through training, planning and problem-solving.

My gift is learning new ideas and then developing adaptable steps that help people achieve their `goals and the goals of their organizations. My childhood was chaotic, I had few resources in my family or in my community. The local library became my escape. With the help of books, I emerged from my situation and now live a happy and successful life. And I’m still learning and problem solving too!

This podcast is for real people who want to make changes but don’t know how to start. If you feel like positive change is overwhelming or elusive, or building the life you want seems far away, I will help you create easy and practical steps toward success. If you don’t have time to sift through thousands of hours of podcasts, hundreds of books or centuries of advice, let me do it for you!

I will help you start with small steps in categories like productivity, self-help, health, technology or best practices. Each episode of my podcast will be posted in a blog format on my webpage, so you’ll always have the resources and links.

I hope to foster a positive and collaborative community with suggestions, ideas and questions coming from listeners like you! This is a show where all of us can grow as people and help each other. To get more information and join the community visit https://smallstepspod.com. Please subcribe and please tell your friends about Start With Small Steps podcast. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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