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90 – Maximize Your Choices and Be Satisfied

by Jill

90 – Maximize Your Choices and Be Satisfied

Maximizers and Satisficers – Maximizers want the best purchases and restaurants. They act in a way to produce the best results. The Satisficers look to find “good enough.” It is beneficial to act and get things done or find appropriate items. But often, better options are possible and should be pursued.

Traits and Outcomes – Deciding which action level is appropriate is the key. Determine what traits a project, lunch, or purchase needs to have depending on the audience and the expectations. For example, are you working on an essential task for your boss or picking lunch?

Overcoming the impact – Each side has its pros and cons. For a Maximizer, they need to make quicker decisions or get things done. Projects need to be completed. Lunches need to get picked. Meanwhile, Satisficers need to find appropriate quality and not get things done for the sake of getting it done. Figure out the right level of detail that is required. Perhaps you can let others make decisions or help you find the right level of determination. Satisficers can spend more research and see what other criteria matter to other people.

The Eisenhower Matrix – To help sort your projects, use the Eisenhower Matrix, which was talked about in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. You decide between important and not important and urgent or not urgent. Important and urgent things need quick action and decisions. Important but not urgent can take time, or perhaps someone else could do it. Not essential, but urgent can be delegated. Not critical and not significant should be maybe it shouldn’t be done at all

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – Maximizers can feel like they made a wrong choice if they do not pick the best or find out later that there was a better object, restaurant, or meal they missed. They struggle to choose if they feel something better is out there or think they can do better or if there are too many choices. By restricting choices or letting others choose, decisions are made faster.


Figure out if you’re a Maximizer or Satisficer for the most part or take note of when you change into a different personality type based on situations, then try to determine how being in this camp has benefited you. For example, maybe you make fantastic decisions as a Maximizer, and you should pat yourself on the back for that. But sometimes it takes too long. Or, if you’re a Satisficer, you make quick decisions, and you’re on the go, and you get things done quickly. But maybe you picked something that wasn’t the right thing because you were trying to be okay. Write down a few things that you could do, like taking more time doing a little more research or making a quicker decision and counteracting the negatives that go along with this personality type.


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