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88 – Be Alone or In a Community

by Jill

Learn how to find happiness by being alone or being with a community with words from around the world.

Solivagant(French) – Solitary Wandering – Find happiness by wandering in new places and just doing what you want.

  • https://www.onemillionwomenwalking.com/solviturambulando/2018/1/22/im-a-solivagant-are-you

Fjaka (Croatian) – Doing Nothing – Don’t feel compelled into action. Do nothing! Relax! Be guilt-free about it!

Wú wéi (Chinese) – Effortless Action or Inaction – Just flow with life without strife or fighting for action.

Entrückt (German) – Enraptured Daydreaming – Relax and sink into the state of mind where you are calm and stress-free. Ponder something or just daydream.

Koselig (Nowegian) – Be Cozy – Be content and cozy in a calm environment and get all the warm and fuzzy feelings. Mysa is similar but in Swedish. Mys-fika is getting cozy in a coffee break. Glezellig is the Dutch version.

Mamihlapinatapai  (Tiera del Fuego) – Sharing a Look of knowing – Have you ever shared a glance with a friend and the other person read your mind and knew what you were thinking? That moment is such a joy and the Yangan language captures it!

Kopfkino (German) – Head Cinema – Need a quick break? Try to have a quick daydream like a movie in your head.

Gemütlichkeit (German) – Spirit of Community – Enjoy the community friendliness and joy and sink into the cozy moment with your friends and family and new people.

Ubuntu (Zulu) – Togetherness – I am because you are! – Be a community with the best virtues and warmth and care.

Firgun (Hebrew) – Joy for Others’ Success – Be happy for others having success. It makes them happy and you are happy. It could mean that you are openly cheering them on or silently celebrating their success.

Shù Shù (Chinese) – Forgiveness – Don’t just say the words that you forgive people but honestly do it out of mercy and compassion.

Gadugi (Cherokee) – Cooperative Efforts – Build something new that will help a community! Try being a volunteer!

Tuko pamoja  (Swahili) – Community Togetherness – Be together by sharing a vision or a purpose. The best ideas come about with people thinking together.

Retrouvailles (French)  – Reunion – Come back together with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. If there was ever a time to get back with people, now is it!

Simpatía (Spanish) – Harmony – Be at peace and harmony with people around you and society.


  • What’s one thing that you can think of this week that could bring you back into a community, you have long missed? Is there a way that you can regain some of that community that you missed for the last couple of years?


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