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165 – How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward

by Jill

In this episode, I delve into the topic of regrets and their impact on our lives. I talk about the book The Power of Regrets, How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward, by Daniel H. Pink. He draws on insights from a researcher who conducted a World Regret Survey, which classified regrets into four types: foundation regrets, boldness regrets, moral regrets, and connection regrets. My own regrets and experiences helped shape who I am today. The importance of learning from regrets and using them as a catalyst for future growth.

I discuss three different approaches to dealing with feelings: expressing them openly, burying them, or using them for better thinking. I believe that the latter approach can help us make better decisions and understand ourselves better. Furthermore, regrets can add meaning to our lives, contrasting and enriching our experiences. Embrace their regrets as part of their personal stories and use them for growth.

There are different types of regrets that people commonly have, such as relationship regrets for women and career regrets for men. Also, there are distinguishing characteristics between regrets of inaction and regrets of action, noting that regrets of inaction tend to resonate more strongly with people as they age. Reflect on how you handle regrets and categorize your regrets to gain a better understanding of their impact.


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