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100- Be Childlike and See the World in a New Way

by Jill

Why We Lost our Childhood and Became an Adult – We used to have fun and creativity, and then the teen years came upon us. We lost our desire to be kids and all that goes with it. Then, as we moved into adulthood, our childhood memories became about the teen years, which we never want to return. The adulthood phase takes over, and we never look back. 

We have all the Control and All the Stress – We get stressed, and life comes crashing into our lives and gets overwhelmed. But the paradox is we have more control over life than ever. We can change things. 

Being Childlike became an insult – We even get to the point where we think a person having a childlike viewpoint is an insult. Grow up! But we must see that being this way is a bonus. 
We Lose the Ability to see past failure – As adults, we see failures as loss and feel a sense of devastation about failing at something. Instead of having that inventor’s view of learning that failure is showing us things that don’t work and help us to move in a direction that might work. 

Learn to Play Again – We get that excitement back by learning to play again. We laugh and have fun when we succeed, and we laugh and have fun when we fail. But we try again and again and never let it break us down. 

Find Joy in Simplicity – Take Joy in the simple pleasure. We picked flowers, ran in the fields, and even played with Christmas boxes. It didn’t take much to give us joy. Also, we were open to giving to others. We brought gifts to our teachers and our parents and our friends.  Be simple and generous, and it will bring us joy. 

Look at the world with a sense of wonder – View the world with a new sense of wonder. There are amazing things around us to give us joy and inspire us. When we have a fresh view of the world, it can make us more creative

We don’t have to be privileged – We don’t have to have advantages in life to get what we want. So we can start to plan and look for steps even if we might not have the resources now. 

Everyone has obstacles – Many of the most inspiring people throughout history have had disadvantages, struggles, and downturns. Yet, they found ways to overcome them, and so can we. 

Steps to Getting Your Dreams – Write down your dreams and dream big. Then make your dreams into actionable details. Then create steps that you can act upon. If you have difficult steps, make them smaller. Then, add dates to your steps to know when to act on them.

When we succeed, we inspire – When we succeed at our goals, it is excellent for us, but it inspires other people to reach their goals. 

Be curious and ask why – Curiosity is the key to escaping the adult doldrums. It lets us meet new people and learn from them. We can have great conversations with them with curiosity. People love to talk about themselves. It also helps us get to the truth of a situation. He suggests having a Why person in meetings to drive out all the assumptions we make. 

Get over fear. It is false evidence appearing real – Fear causes us to stop acting on our dreams. But God has our back, and we can work towards our goals. Get over the fear that is holding you back. It might seem like an obstacle, but it is often false and holds us back. 

Get Realistic about the Fear – To get more realistic, you can write down the best-case scenario. Then write down what is the worst story that could happen. Then write down what is the most likely and realistic story. This will help you get to the center of the truth of the situation.


Write down three dreams. Pick one of the dreams you think is something you would love and that you’re capable of doing. And start to give it some exact details about what it is you’re looking to do. And then write the first three steps you could take to get that dream.


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