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98 – Create New Standards for Time and Life

by Jill


Time is Limited – We only have so much time and attention. Therefore, we must be more careful about what we decide to do and what we spend our attention on. 

Limit Effort to One Task – We multitask because we get stressed or bored with other tasks. But it only means that we fail at more and more jobs. So instead, we should pick the most important thing, focus on it, and stop multitasking. 

Decide on What to Fail At – You must do many things, but you will not be good at some of them instead of letting balls drop and feeling bad about it. Decide ahead of time what tasks you won’t be good at and perhaps do a horrible job. For example, you must be a great spouse or parent, but you can be a terrible clothes folder. 

Celebrate Your Achievements – Look back at the successes you had already and pat yourself on the pat. Then, cheer those accomplishments to energize yourself and see how far you have come.

Reduce Your Concerns – We can’t be upset and worried about everything. You only have so much emotional energy and strength to focus on things. If you have concerns you cannot do something about, drop them. Decide what you can do or will do and end it there. 

Get Single-Purpose Tech – Tech can do many things, but it can also mean you get distracted. For example, can you get a book reader with no internet? Can you get a camera with no social media on it? With a single focus tech, you can stay focused on what you want to accomplish without distraction. 

Enjoy the Small Joys – We think of the big joys in life. You dream of a great vacation or a new house or a boat. What about the small pleasures around your home or work. 

Be A Researcher in Your Relationships – Find out with your keen mind about the people around you. Research into your family and close friends to ensure your relationships are everything they can be. 

Practice Doing Nothing – Spending time doing nothing, either by prayer or meditation or hobbies, will renew your energy and your attention. Learn how to do nothing and spend more and more time learning. 


Now that you know what types of things are stealing your attention, what types are stealing your time? What kinds of things do you have to focus on? What should be on that list? Try to come up with a list of four things that you could get rid of or you can plan to fail at.

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