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78 – Take Five and a Health Snack


by Jill

  • Have a Health Snack, which is a small action you can do to tackle your problems. For example, if you feel crunchy from sitting too long, do some stretches. If you are stressed, can you pray about it? If you are angry, can you figure out a way to forgive? The analogy is that a food snack helps you exercise when you are tired out. Is there something in an action that can be similar? The book has many suggestions.
  • We fail because we think we can fix any health situation or really any situation in a short time and in just a few steps. However, we didn’t get into trouble in a day. So we can’t fix it in a day either. So it will take small steps and tiny progress to get what we want.
  • Look at the journey. We focus on the goals. We think about what it will be like when we finish our quest. What we fail to do is consider the journey itself. We succeed by daily efforts and habits. For example, we planned a fantastic trip but never planned our stays or our activities because we were too focused on being on the trip.
  • Make It Tiny  He mentions in the book Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg how you can take any habit you wish to change and make them so small you cannot possibly fail. ‘
  • Progress Compounds by adding to our success when we make accomplishments. By gaining some ground on your goals, the rest of your goals become closer and more effortless.
  • Start Small and Easy – Smart small, and if you struggle, make it smaller and more accessible to accomplish even if it will take longer.
  • Tie new habits to something you are successfully doing out of habit now. For example, if you brush your teeth, can you do ankle lifts while you do it. Can you play your next day while cleaning off your desk at the end of the day?
  • Respect Your Natural Pattern by acting when and how you are at your best for the task. Follow that pattern if you are a morning person, night owl, or mid-afternoon bear.
  • Design Your Environment by making your surroundings as compatible with your goals as you can. Set things out or hide that’s that should be avoided.
  • Positive Self-Talk will help you continue to do your excellent work in the future. It feels silly, but it is essential to tell yourself what you did correctly and why you did it.
  • Reward and Celebrate to cheer yourself on. It can be a pat on the back or a real prize.
  • Health Snack Recipes the book has several practical activities to help you overcome everything from your mood to your physical well-being.
  • Questions To Ask Yourself
  • Write down what is bothering you or stressing you. Then, try to use paper and pen to see if it can improve it.
  • Write down steps that help this annoying thing become better.
  • Write the reason why you are stressed out about this
  • Write down a specific way you know this won’t be as bad as you think.
  • Write down what possible benefit you might gain from the situation.


  • Setitng up a few small activities that can calm your mood, make you feel physically better, and help your emotions. Then, develop a list of quick actions that will make you better or use the ones in the book.


  • See if you can come up either through his book or on your own three small health snacks that will help you in a lot of situations. They could be a short cluster of five exercises, a way that you instantaneously de-stress from your life, or is it something that just warms your heart, looking at some photos that you really enjoy seeing that can just help your heart feel better.


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