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69 – Let the Reticular Activating System Fill Your Thoughts

by Jill
  • The RAS system starts at the spinal cord, is about two inches long, and is about the width of a pencil. That’s where all the senses come into a single point. It then directs into the emotional centers of the brain and our process there. But that the RMS system works on a subconscious level.
  • It filters out information that is unimportant at that moment. Filters in the information that is important to survival or important to you.
  • It helps you focus on things even if it is not very helpful. For example, it causes you to see ex-friends everywhere or food or drink when you try to moderate them. But it also highlights good things you are invested in and want to see or know more about it.
  • It can be focused on by thinking about something. Use sentences about what you intend to do. You can strengthen the ties when you visualize it or use your senses. Being with people that reinforce the right things will help you too.
  • You build it like an algorithm that an online store uses. So the more your shop for an item, the more the thing will show up for you in stores and ads.
  • WYTAYBA – What it stands for is what you think about what you bring about, which is essentially this RMS system. Don’t leave life to fate but shape your RAS daily to focus on what is essential.


See if you can program one thing into your RAS. Try to target something that’s particularly visual and active, something that you intend to do. Say, “I intend to” ___________. Start infiltrating your brain with imagery, success visualization, and seeing how often you notice that thing from there on out.


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