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35 – What Do You Notice?

by Jill

35 – What Do You Notice?





  1. Make sure that when you’re deciding to notice new things, that you put away all the distractions, and all the things that could lead you to not pay attention to the world around you. Maybe that’s putting your headphones away, putting your phone away, make sure that you have time to focus,
  2. See if you can notice new things, new stickers, new signs, or anything that’s exciting that you have never seen before. Can you count down from 100? Can you notice three new things every day? Can you find 10 mistakes on your walk?
  3. Try to play a different role. Can you pretend to be a historian? a future archaeologist? A Viking, or a spy? Or even child. Look at the world around you through a different set of eyes?
  4. Try to notice the smells, the sounds, the emotions from the world around you. See if you can also see ghost architecture. Make sure you don’t do all these things at the same time. Just pick one focus item and go with it.
  5. Think about how you’re going to record your observations. Are you going to keep nature log? Are you going to take a photo every day? Are you going to try to draw this new and interesting thing that you saw around you?


  • Try to walk around your town as if you were a child? What would you notice as a child that maybe you’re not noticing as an adult?

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