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102 – Learn and Earn and Keep Going

by Jill

Keep learning, keep questioning and keep your career fresh and growing.

Beginning, Middle, and End?  People often think about work as having a beginning, middle, and end but is that how work must be? Do we just go up a hill for our career and then down until retirement? It paints a bleak picture of the work world. 

Work as a Journey – instead of looking at work as this big up and down, it is a journey with easy parts, challenging climbs stumbles, and wins. We can look at an adventure with big plot turns with a trip. 

Questions and Humility – Learn how to ask great questions but not beat people over the heads with them. We want to ask questions to honestly learn what is happening, how we can solve it, and understand people better. It is the only way we can learn and grow. 

Learn, Earn and Retire – Instead of looking at work as an up and down, look at it as a continuous cycle. We must consistently learn and earn and learn and earn. That way, our careers grow. We grow! We become better and more confident and happier with our jobs. 

Now We Continuously Learn – Because jobs are higher tech and fancier machinery and knowledge industries, we must learn and learn and ask questions. It keeps us at the peak of our careers and makes sure we are ready for the next career adventures. 

Renew Your Mind, Reset Your Career – Resetting your career is about constantly learning and looking at your skills and abilities so you can decide which path your path should take. It might mean you have to stretch a bit to 

Confidence, Age, and Experience – With age, people gain confidence, and that is primarily because of built experience. Suppose you were the type of person who believed in “faking it until you make it” then you might feel less confident because you see the newer or younger employees gaining skills and knowledge and possibly taking your spot. Instead, you should build that knowledge so you can be more confident. 

Build Bridges with Everyone – Meet people in your work and office of all experiences, levels, and teams. Those bridges will help your career and will help you solve the more significant problems at your workplace because you will have learned from your great questions and your years of experience. 

Building Our Own Identities – By being both a mentor and an intern, you have the best of both worlds to ask good questions and give great advice. This identity will set the stage for your new work identity as a learner and an excellent advisor with experience. This will refresh our careers and our image work. 

Regaining our Beginners Mindset – If you get stuck where you no longer want to learn or no longer feel you can know.  To get back to a great career, you must regain your beginner mindset, which means you ask questions and trace your thinking to ensure your assumptions and experience are leading you down the right path. You will learn new things to inject knowledge and energy into work.

Foster Honesty – We can’t fix what we can’t be honest about. Creating a culture of honesty will allow people to feel free to tell you when something is wrong or what conditions something must be solved.  When you have an honest reputation, people will come to you with ideas and problems. 

Humble Inquiry – Remember always when asking questions means being humble. Asking questions with that humble attitude will allow people to be honest and let you get to the root of any issue. 


Think of three ways that you could be a mentor. How can you help newer people in the company do better and reach their potential? Then think of three ways that you could be an intern. How could you learn more? How could you ask better questions? What questions could you ask to bring new and creative ideas to the problem?



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